Marble print fashion for spring

Couture Fashion: Marble print swirls its way on to fabric!

‘Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!’ Words by the meticulous Miranda Priestly couldn’t be truer, in fashion it’s easy to fall towards the same type of prints each and every time so by the time spring arrives and the weather begins to warm up, most people have already begun shopping for their new florals. But an exceedingly better and more stylish fashion creation in the form of a sophisticated swirly motif known as marble print, has firmly made it’s place in our closets.

The pattern in the past has been more commonly associated with decor, vintage notebooks or home interior, but these delightful swooshes have now jumped on to fabric, yes the interior and fashion industry have collided and we couldn’t be happier. The print is so effortlessly captivating and so simple to incorporate in to different outfits, the print can also be found in accessories- rings, bags, bracelets and even hats.

Marble print in fabric is renown for combining powerful shades of grey, black and white whilst still keeping enough delicacy in the tones to swoon over, it’s a print that adds an instant, high fashion inspiration to your look. Already seen on countless runway shows all over the world, marble prints are an ideal choice for those who want to make vogue statements in the most composed and serene ways!

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