The Good Life Eatery, London, Health

The Good Life- A healthy yet elegant eatery

It’s probably one of the most grating situations, when you’ve newly promised yourself that you’ll start eating healthier and you make some good progress too but then friends are constantly bugging you to meet up and ‘go for lunch’ or ‘dinner’ and it sucks because you know how unlikely it is that you will walk in to a restaurant and restrain yourself from the tempting bad foods and order a boring salad. Luckily for the social yet healthy bunch, restaurants like The Good Life Eatery do exist and they are an ideal place to do both: eat healthy without ordering mundane options so that you’re not feeling completely lifeless whilst catching up with friends! The exquisite establishment is located at 59 Sloane Avenue in Chelsea; London, a charming little eatery in an even more appealing neighbourhood.

As well as the options that one can expect, cold pressed juices, superfood smoothies, salads and proteins, The Good Life Eatery also provides sandwiches and wraps, warms bowl options, soups and baked treats as well as divine vegetarian options like the roasted ratatouille with sweet potato felafel and quinoa. What’s even grander is enjoying your meal surrounded by unsheltered and charismatic brickwork, wooden tables, whilst seated in cosy booths enhanced with intimate lighting and an overall delightful decor making it truly the perfect place to lunch with friends. The selection of rainbow coloured fresh juices would entice even the most anti-juicing type of person, but the greatest thing about The Good Life Eatery is that they offer ‘real’ food on their menu which actually satisfies a person’s hunger whilst fulfilling all nutritional needs too. Their selection of sandwiches and wraps made with whole grain, gluten free bread makes the lunch absolutely guilt free whilst enjoying fillings such as chicken skewers, caramelised onion hummus, herbs and mixed green salads.

The Good Life Eatery ticks all the boxes, located in the heart of London, implementing a sumptuous atmosphere, visually the place is both creative and stylish. The food offers variety with excellent hot and cold food options using natural and organic ingredients, the restaurant seats around 25 people and doesn’t hold reservations because it insists on a fairer ‘first come first served’ system. Healthy and honest, how could you possibly beat that?

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