Untouched Love: Love in it's purest form

Untouched love: Love in its purest form

Visualise it; inmost happiness, an unexplainable feeling just a knowing, something that makes you feel glad that you’re living in fact it’s what makes you feel alive. A picture tells a thousand words yet an image conveying love is worth a million. Love defy’s all perishable factors; time, emotion, and even death proving that love is immortal. Every human yearns for a love so authentic, so deep and immeasurable, that nothing could defeat them as long as they continued to be cherished in that same flawless way. But what if they were told that the purest form of love surrounds them everyday, that they didn’t have to search that long or far at all and all they had to do was open their eyes to see that the most genuine and unscathed love is everywhere.

Nature has it’s own splendid way of evoking the most intact emotion from it’s inhabitants; even from the way fruit exists from seeds planted and then tended to, looked after, watered, fed with the right amount of warmth and care, it begins to grow. It is in this same way humans evolve and flourish, when they are adored this entirely. When a woman gives birth, she is destroyed- she is broken, her body is annihilated in a way that is most unnatural, almost carnal, it’s hard to imagine that she would be willing to ever put herself through the agonising process again. But then she is handed her purest love in the form of her baby and maybe not straight away, but surely soon enough, a mother is willing to be ruptured again because in her eyes the pain is worth the endless love that she receives when she brings life in to the world; the small life that is formed of half of her and half of the person who she loves.

When a human is at their weakest, it is love they seek, when a person is at their happiness it is their loved ones they wish to share their joy with and when a person realises their end is near; it is their loved ones they crave to be around. Unconditional love is believed to be able to heal in ways that medication cannot, it’s a healing that lays deeper than just getting better, it’s a cure that raises all feelings; it’s what motivates someone to want to get better. Without anyone to love or anyone to love you; there isn’t much else in this world to fight for.

In many ways death is the ending for a lot of things, but love is one thing that not even death can murder. That’s what makes its worth even greater, investing love in somebody is most valuable because it’s a legacy that is left even when your soul returns to it’s rightful place; it’s something that lives vicariously through the people you loved even when you’re gone.

What makes love surpass all other emotions which exist? Because love in its purest form is the most sincere and refined sentiment that a mortal will ever experience during their residency on earth, nothing can touch it and thats precisely what makes it the greatest.

in Dreamingless Magazine’s Love issue: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/886201

10 thoughts on “Untouched love: Love in its purest form

  1. Peace be with you, aneesa!
    Let me thank you for visiting my day-old site.
    I really appreciate that you liked my first post.
    I believe you are interested in the philosophy
    of life, happiness, love, pain and death.
    I’d like to learn more myself
    about these topics once I entered the seminary.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I’ll meditate on this.
    God bless you.

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  2. In the Name of Universal Love, Kindness and Compassion, I would kindly like to request of you the following: please follow this link to support ‘The Lakota 57’ and spread the word to your network.

    These are Innocent Children in need of Healing, Love, and TLC 🙂


    Kindest Regards,

    plutorising888 🙂


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