Here's What Happens When A Woman Tries Out 'Netflix And Chill' Pickup Line

Pick Up Line Of The Millenials- ‘Netflix And Chill’

Here’s What Happens When A Woman Tries Out ‘Netflix And Chill’ Pickup Line- What Ever Happened To Romance?! 

There was a time when chilling was innocent. There was also a time when Netflix meant absorbing entire episodes of Prison Break back to back, snapping at anyone who tried to distract from Michael Schofield, mid-genius plan.

 So when did watching Nexflix while chilling turn into a cheeky way of asking somebody if they want to have sex while something awfully dull plays in the background? I mean it’d have to be dull, right? Otherwise, you’d actually be watching.

Writer Eliza Dillard conducted a brilliant social experiment to see how guys react to the forward proposition. She said: ‘When I heard about the whole concept of Netflix and chill, I, like most reasonable people, assumed it meant what it implies.’ Does it though? Uumm, no.

Eliza took to dating app Tinder to find out if Netflix and chill really is the 21st-century ‘mating call’ by messaging the three famous words (no, not ‘I love you’) to 18 unknowing men. And the results are hilarious.

To gauge the most authentic responses, Eliza didn’t bother with any pleasantries (not even a hi or hello) and instead cut to the chase – ‘Netflix and chill?’

‘When?’ asked one.

‘Sure. What are you doing this weekend?’ said another.

One guy was so keen on the Netflix and chill offer, he replied swiftly with his number. ‘That’s my number if [you’re] serious,’ he said.

But, thankfully, not all the men were convinced. I mean it’d be pretty concerning if all 18 replied, ‘YES!!!!!’ to hooking up with a total random. A lot of them ‘lol’d’ it off, adding things like, ‘I didn’t know people actually said that, that’s awesome’ (he does sound pretty impressed with the whole idea though, don’t you think?).

One confusingly replied: ‘Which one are you?’ Don’t think he’s quite grasped the concept of Netflix and chill.

But maybe one of the wittier responses was when a man was quick to quip an alternative, ‘Hulu and lounge?’ To which Eliza replied, ‘You win.’

Almost makes us want to re-download Tinder. Or not.

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