All things great, all things monochrome

All things great, all things monochrome

Cruella de Vil- reading the name is enough for the image of a menacing, incredibly thin woman, filled with arrogance and materialism, complete with fur coats and red lipstick to appear in your head. This wicked villain rose to acclaim for her willingness to slaughter hundreds of dalmatian puppies, with their white skin and black spots, for her own selfish monochrome loving ways. Cruella de Vil may have been a corrosive piece of work but she did teach us one thing- to love the lethal combination of black and white shades.

Much of the world’s most famous photographs and paintings are in black and white, whether used in fashion, interior, photography or art; monochrome is capable of creating a presence that is far more captivating than any other colours. Powerful and versatile, modern yet classic; monochrome has proved to be timeless as the trend continues to appear in fashion shows to this day, all the way since it first caused a fashion hysteria in the 1960’s. Abstract and even minimalist, monochrome changed the way people viewed femininity, it showed that females could wear bold colours like black and white without losing the essence of what it meant to look like a lady. The fashion industry is ever evolving, so it is remarkable to see that up to this day, monochrome is still one of the most seen trends on runway shows.

As spring arrives leaving frosty winter weather behind, it’s a good idea to update your wardrobe to greet the warmer weather with impeccable taste. The thing to remember when creating ensembles by combining the two colours, is to contrast patterns. Monochrome is more than just black trousers and white shirts, it is far more exciting than any other fashion trend because there are countless way of wearing it; in stripes or clashing prints, dramatic panels or with elegant block accessories. That’s why it has endured the test of time, all things great come in monochrome.

There is something very authentic and vintage about monochrome, its astonishing how a combination of two colours can make you feel as though you have travelled back in time. To the 60’s when free spirits would gallivant around Carnaby Street, The Beatles music could be heard from every household and there was a revolution in social norms and culture, where people became more open minded about what they accepted in society from fashion to more serious issues like race and sexuality.

The fashion icon that was Coco Chanel totalled it up perfectly on why monochrome when compared to other colours, makes all others seem cliche and almost common in comparison: ’women think of all colours except the absence of colour. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.’ It looks like Coco Chanel’s words from 1987 still ring true to this day and will for years to come, now that’s one philosophic style legend. To be entirely complete this spring incorporate monochrome pieces in to your outfits, you’ll be doing yourself a huge fashion favour!

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