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How to set the mood for your holiday

Rejoice you’ve booked a holiday! You are desperately in need of this well deserved break and are eager to count down the days until you jet off. And suddenly, just like that there’s only one week left and you are in no way mentally prepared to just leave everything and fly off to your awaiting sanctuary. As a woman packing is just one thing on the to do list; combined with making sure everything is looked after well in her absence she has to think about: getting her hair done, manicures/pedicures, waxing, eyebrows! As well as making sure she’s packed all her essential toiletries whilst making sure she still has space in her suitcase to throw in last minute things (hair straighteners/makeup) so how does one set their mood right for holiday? By following some Couture Tips of course!

1. Organise your packing by making a list as you pack things for example when you pack your swimming suit make a note that you have. That way when you randomly wake up at 1.00am in the morning freaking out because you can’t remember whether you packed a pair of sandals you can resort back to your handy list and see that you have neatly already ticked that they have been packed! Now relax and go back to sleep.

2. 3 days before you are scheduled to fly out book all of your beauty treatments. This gives you enough time to feel satisfied that you are not leaving things to the last minute but at the same time ensures you’ll still be immaculately beautified on holiday.

3. Make sure your sleeping patten is not messed up for two reasons. No body wants eye bags on holiday but also you want to make the most of your time away, you don’t want to be so sleepy that you end up spending most of the morning in bed! You want to be enjoying that gorgeous terrace breakfast instead.

4. Give your phone its own personal holiday preparation– in 2015 you can’t go on holiday without sharing it with all of your followers on various social media apps! Hearing your friends tell you just how lucky you are is definitely one way to get excited and in the mood for holiday!

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