Why you need to see Insurgent

Why you need to see Insurgent

Are you Selfless? Are you intelligent? Or maybe you’re brave? Do you value a life which is peaceful? Are you honest? What if you could only be one? In a society broken down in to five factions where on your 16th birthday you have to choose which virtue you value most and then spend the rest of your life living in that way amongst those who are just like you, how long could a system like this survive before it was compromised by a person who saw the importance of being more than just one of these qualities?

Divergent is the insanely brilliant book series that has been adapted in to film with the second intensely anticipated film ‘Insurgent’ premiering in London last Friday and it has to be said this sequel movie is even better than the first! Tris Priors is back but her outlook on the world has seriously changed; flawed by the cruelty she has faced, her temper is almost irrational and there is only one thing she thinks will make her feel better; murdering Jeanine Matthews, (Kate Winslet’s character) the woman clutching on to maintaining a robotic society and the reason both her parents were killed. With Insurgent freshly released, take a look at why you should go and see the film; join Tris and her friends as they find out why Jeanine and her alliance want to purge Divergent’s more than anything!

Reasons to watch Insurgent:

1. The offensively perfect Theo James is back as the mysterious and broody Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton and Tris’s ‘scary boyfriend’.  Four is convinced that he is in love with Tris, he understands the pain she feels after losing her parents and is more able to see things clearly compared to his hot tempered girlfriend who is blinded by grief and the uncontaminated guilt in feeling as though she is responsible for her parent’s dying. Obviously he is brilliantly loyal in supporting and protecting her as they defend themselves against Jeanine’s army who are thirsty for their blood.

2. Shailene Woodley has short hair. Like really short. Do we prefer it over the long? Umm we’ll agree with Four on this one. When Tris unveils her new do to her good looking boyfriend, his reaction says it all. She says ‘you don’t like it do you?’ and all he can muster is ‘it’s different.’ Bless him!

3. You get to see Burberry model Suki Waterhouse make an appearance! Even if it’s just for three minutes it’s a pretty amazing three minutes!

4. Kate Winslet’s ‘Jeanine Matthews’ meets her evil match as we are introduced to Naomi Watt’s character- Naomi looks great as a brunette as she plays Four’s mother who was meant to have died when he was six years old. Nothing beats evil versus evil!

5. The Fault in Our Star’s actor Ansel Elgort’s character Caleb’s running scene- and isn’t he just the most pathetic runner we have ever seen! Of course it’s great acting on Ansel’s behalf as we assume he categorically chose to run in this way to show that Caleb’s poor running is the greatest personification of his equally feeble personality proving that his sister Tris got all the good gene’s and life was not very fair at all to Caleb.

6. The story is mind-blowing and leaves us at a place where we are wishing that there was more. And there is! If IMDB is correct we can look forward to another two movies and if the ending of Insurgent is anything to go by then they’ll be pretty explosive!

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3 thoughts on “Why you need to see Insurgent

  1. He is pretty dreamy 🙂 But the story is awesome! I have the books, but I haven’t taken the time to sit down and read them all. I’ve gotten through the first one though! Maybe I’ll read the 2nd before I see the movie….


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