A vision's curse on wattpad

A vision’s curse

A vision’s curse was the first story I completed and it was a while ago. After a long time contemplating whether to make use of wattpad or not I came to a compromise- I would delve in to the world of undiscovered stories but not using my newest material. Wattpad has been amazing for so many writers with many successful stories and writers earning publishing deals because of how well received their work is; a platform where potentially millions can read your work. I have decided to use wattpad to upload pieces of my older work beginning with the very first story I completed in 2013/2014. A 78,000 words mystery/YA focusing on the lives of four sisters who are embroiled in deep conflict after a string of events make them need family now more than ever.

The morning the Caiden sisters find out their father was murdered a few streets away from their childhood home in New York changes life for them and the search is on to find out who took his life. However, things just keep getting worse and after the kidnap of the families most beloved member, the race is on to find him alive. As they become desperate to find the culprit, the family must come together with the detectives and help filter through their father’s cryptic life and dig through his deepest and darkest secrets to find out who is playing with their family and more importantly what it is that they want. Once the truth is unleashed, the consequences that come with the found revelation are just as grave.

To read more visit: http://www.wattpad.com/myworks/35782988-a-vision%27s-curse and follow me on wattpad.

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