margot robbie

Unwavering beauty, Margot Robbie

Not many people at twenty four years old can say they’ve worked alongside Will Smith and Leonardo DiCaprio in two enormous Hollywood films. But one unwavering blonde Australian beauty has, in 2013 she oozed her way through ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ taking on the role of a sultry but ruthless trophy wife and made her character almost iconic (everyone was talking about the scene in the baby’s room). This emerging star is rumoured to be the next mysterious femme fatale in Hollywood, Indigo Memoirs presents to you 5 things you never knew about Margot Robbie.

1. The unwritten law for an Australian to become a Hollywood actor or actress seems to be that first you have to join either the cast of Home Away or Neighbours. So it’s completely unsurprising that Margot Robbie starred in Neighbours for three years before moving to Los Angeles to pursue the big time.

2. Margot recently revealed to Harpers Bazaar, details about her first audition and how she landed her breakout role as Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street. Before you begin to think it was something really impressive and that she bought the entire room to tears with her breathtaking performance, we’ll tell you- she slapped Leonardo DiCaprio in the face. During the audition, she had to act out a scene where her character is arguing with Leo’s character; in the midst of their heated scene, she felt that he was overpowering her with his incredible acting skills so she wanted to do something that would make her stand out- she thought hard, deep in character and decided to improvise, she reached out and slapped him. So it’s easy to see why she made a lasting impression.

3.  Margot Robbie met her current boyfriend of eight months on the set of a movie. British assistant film director, Tom Ackerley, was the third assistant director on Margo’s film Suite Française, the 2015 release is set during the early years of Germany’s occupation of France, and tells the story of the romance that bloomed between a French villager and a German soldier.

4. The infamous founder of the PlayBoy mansion, Hugh Hefner, typically became enthralled by the blonde beauty whilst watching her in The Wolf of Wall Street, he told people ‘the girl that plays Leo’s wife- she’s pretty’ and offered for her to pose naked for Playboy Magazine. Heroically, Margot turned down his offer saying she had ‘put her family through enough’ already.

5. Margot Robbie has never seen a single episode of 90’s favourite tv show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Despite the fact that Will Smith  is her co-star in the newly released film Focus, and the acting legend found fame through his role in the popular tv show. Margo laughed it off revealing that Will often made her feel bad for not knowing the words to The Fresh Prince theme song.

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