Chandler, Ross or Joey which Friends character would be the utmost ladies man if they existed in the real world?

Chandler, Ross or Joey which Friends character would be the utmost ladies man if they existed in the real world?

’I’ll be there for you.’ And they meant it they really did. Living in the same apartment complex guaranteed sharing one another’s pain and tribulations, happiness and struggles and this group of friends were the most perfect bunch of misfits that it almost made you envious. Even after all of these years Friends is still considered one of the most watched TV series, no one can deny revelling in bliss at the glorious characters that entertained our screens for a number of years making us feel as though we really knew them personally! Each character went through their fair share of relationship problems, both wonderful and disastrous but the question burns, which male character would attract the most women if they existed in the real world? Joey, Ross or Chandler? All three equally as funny (admittedly in their own unique ways), good looking and endearing. But which type of guy would be the most popular amongst the women if they really lived?

Chandler Bing, most men would essentially identify with Chandler out of the three male characters mainly because he was the one that liked to consider himself as ‘normal.’ Sarcastic, witty and intelligent it was almost hard not to fancy Chandler. Unlike Ross he knew how to play the ‘cool guy’ and yet unlike Joey he was smart enough to be able to hold adult conversations with females. His downside was his crankiness, his moaning at the most unusual things, and the fact that he rejoiced in making other people miserable. Splendid. But he was also kind, (at times) compassionate, (at times) and most importantly he was good at making people laugh, (for all the right reasons; there’s a difference in making people laugh at you or making people laugh with you Joey). Of course there is the slight issue Chandler had with committing to relationships which could jeopardise his reputation with the ladies looking for something more serious so in those situations in good old Chandler Bing fashion, he would direct them straight along to Ross, who has absolutely no problem with devotion!

Dr Ross Gellar, caring older brother, ex-husband to about a million different women and father to a hundred! Ross is most well known for being a little geeky at times, shy at others and awkward most of the rest. Yet fascinatingly enough he probably has the most intimate relationships between his Friends, his notorious relationship with Rachel proved that he could be sweet, loving and an all round great partner. It also showed that he could at times be insecure, over the top and repetitive (did he tell you about the time that they were on a break?) If you’re in to great detailed conversations about dinosaurs or other big reptiles then Ross is your man, if you prefer less talking and just something pretty to look at then… how you doing? There are Joey Tribbiani’s all over the world, great looks, charming and refined but then they open their mouths and it’s ruined because they really don’t understand more than the bare minimum when it comes to talking about other worldly things and not just discussing themselves. News, girl problems, current affairs are just foreign to them. Now it actually depends on the type of woman and how far she thinks she can take a relationship with a man who has the attention span of a five year old. But being with Joey would have its perks; until he confused you for the girl that he spent last night with because you both have the same length hair and your names both begin with the letter ‘C!’

So taking all of these delightful factors in to deliberation, which out of the three would attract the most ladies if they existed in the real world? It’s a tough one, we have the good looking yet slightly senseless player, a mature and kind of awkward educated man who at times throws hissy fits that his ten children would be proud of and lastly we have the arrogant yet humorous man who fears responsibility and maybe stability. We’re going to go with Chandler on this one, only because women like to fix things and Chandler has an endless list of issues he needs resolving- perfect!

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