Paris vs London: 7 style tips Parisians need to learn from Londoners

Paris vs London: 7 style tips Parisians need to learn from Londoners

They may be neighbours but London and Paris couldn’t be more different. For one, Londoners don’t make a habit of excusing their French and secondly Londoners are far cooler. Now Paris may be the capital of fashion, but even the experts could do with some style tips to learn how to do things the London way. Click on to read Indigo Memoirs 7 Style Tips Parisians Need To Learn From Londoners.

1. London’s laid back style is still glamorous

Paris and London are two of the unfortunate or fortunate (whichever way you like to look at it) cities in Europe that seem to receive more than their fair share of rain and cold weather. Unlike Parisians who seem to value dressing chic than dressing appropriately, (to stay warm) Londoners have mastered the skill of dressing like something out of a high fashion magazine spread even in the coldest of winters. Leather trousers, patent chelsea boots, knitted jumpers, long skirts that allow you to stay warm and still look fab!

2. London is the birthplace of celebrity style icons 

Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Alexa Chung, Suki Waterhouse, David Gandy, Harry Styles these are just a few names of celebrity style icons that influence London fashion. With a list of fashion guru’s this honourable how could Parisians not learn anything from Londoners?

3. In London black is always the new black!

Paris is the city of love so naturally Parisians are more inclined to wear pinks and reds but in London you can forget pink in the summer and khaki in the winter. Londoners favour black clothes all year round, and let’s face it clothes are always more stylish in black.

4. Makeup to match clothing style

There’s nothing wrong with the natural look. A well moisturised face, a flick of lip gloss and if you’re feeling a tad adventurous a few whips of mascara. But Parisians opt for the ‘barely there’ makeup look day in, day out. Very rarely do they change up their makeup to enhance or complement their outfits or hairstyle. Whereas in London, women change up their beauty and make up routines daily to favour the style of what they are wearing, making this another Style Tip That Parisians Need To Learn From Londoners.

5. Diversity- in London no one looks the same! 

In London you can guarantee sitting on the tube, in a carriage filled with people and look around to notice that no one has the same style. Londoners are unafraid of being unique, they value including something in their style that is telling about their personality. Whether a pair of leather Dr Marten boots or a denim rucksack, there is something unique in their fashion taste that distinguishes their individuality.

6. London- the capital of the manly man!

There’s a reason British men are adored all around the world and it’s not just because women love their accents. London in particular gives men the advantage of looking even more attractive through the dapper and sophisticated fashion that it promotes to its male inhabitants. Masculine yet smart; well tailored suits, jumpers, collared t-shirts and even the odd pair of tracksuits are staples in any London man’s wardrobe. Parisian menswear is more refined and consists mainly of silk, pastel colours and shorts. If Parisian men were to follow a London mans classical wardrobe essentials, they may gain the same iconic status as the British man!

7. London brings art and history to its fashion

Londoners like to class themselves as artsy, creative people. Because of this, they tend to incorporate pieces of British art and history in to their outfits. Like tartan print jumpers and scarves for example or a Union Jack hat. So maybe Parisians need to hang up their cashmere’s and try a more blended mix of fabrics including knits and studs instead of pearls.

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