5 people who secretly influenced your style in 2014

5 people who secretly influenced your style in 2014

Even the most stylish of fashionistas are influenced or inspired by a look that they have seen on someone else. Whether intentionally or unintentionally everyone has tried to recreate a certain look that they have loved on another person. Indigo Memoirs takes a look at 5 People Who Secretly Influenced Your Style in 2014 whether you noticed or not!

Kardashian/Jenner sisters- 

Love them or loathe them, the Kardashian/Jenner clan have undeniably dominated style trends over 2014. From Kylie’s teal green hair and prominent lips make up trend, to Kim’s crop tops and high waisted skirts (everybody was wearing them!) to Khloe’s ombre hair, Kourtney’s flawless maternity style and not to mention how Kendal ruled the cat walk over the numerous fashion shows that she walked in. (New York, Paris, London is there anywhere she didn’t travel to in 2014?!) In fact we could almost tribute the Five People Who Influenced Your Style Over 2014 to these fierce sisters but that would just be unfair so instead we have put the Kardashian/Jenner sisters together as one for influencing our style throughout the year 2014.

Rosie Huntington- Whitely 

When you’ve modelled for Burberry, Balmain and Victoria Secret to name a few, it is inevitable that you would pick up some insanely stylish tips along the way. Rosie Huntington has mastered the art of looking flawless both on and off the cat walk. Rosie doesn’t just have one style; she experiments with different looks that unsurprisingly all suit her. Boho chic, leather clad, Paris chic or just casual cashmere cardigans thrown on with ripped denim; the simplicity yet diversity of her outfits make it easy for women to imitate or draw inspiration from her looks which is why she is one of our 5 People Who Secretly Influenced Your Style in 2014.

Amal Clooney

When linked to arguably the most adored man in Hollywood you can expect to be thrusted under the spotlight and scrutinised for what you look like and more importantly what you are wearing. Luckily for Amal Clooney it seems to come naturally. Despite her tremendously busy life what with being an internationally celebrated human rights lawyer and newly married wife, Amal is consistent in looking perfectly polished every time she is pictured. Her chic style is loved by the fashionable working ladies who have found their new style icon when it comes to mastering sophisticated glamour!

Taylor Swift

2014 was the year of the Taylor! Not only for her chart topping, ex-boyfriend shaming, incredible music but also for the way she influenced style this year all whilst strutting around confidently in her signature, jazzy red lipstick. Swift has become famous for her unique style from the cool bowler hats, perfectly seamed dresses with ankle heeled boots, skirts and cutesy printed blouses and not to forget her very own range of Keds, designed by the talented country singer causing a frenzy amongst young girls to get their hands on a pair. Taylor Swift has made her mark in the fashion industry so much so this year that you can easily imagine walking down a beautifully lit shopping mall, passing a great window display in an apparel store and pointing at a well dressed mannequin and saying ‘that outfit is so Taylor Swift!’ Making Taylor Swift one of our 5 People Who Secretly Influenced Your Style in 2014.

Hailey Baldwin 

Despite being only eighteen years old Hailey Baldwin has become known as the young queen of street style. A young model from New York, Hailey reinvented what it means to look rugged yet stylish. Retro, modern and always one hundred percent on point, Hailey’s outfits always look effortless causing an even greater envy from the rest of the world. From distressed jeans, leather chelsea boots, cropped vests, bomber jackets, and then topping off her looks with minimal makeup which enhances the focus on her fashionable accessories and impeccable fashion sense instead. Hailey Baldwin has secretly influenced people by initiating a style that has spread across the world even being credited for her influencing style on several social media sites and blogs making her Indigo Memoir’s 5th Person Who Secretly Influenced Your Style in 2014.


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