Why Angelina Jolie is the ideal woman for men

Why Angelina Jolie is the ideal woman for men

She acquires godly physical features that don’t demand any enhancer or products to intensify her beauty, her seductive lips have become famous in their own rights and she has an attitude that the rebellious Lara Croft would truly be proud of. In theory she is the woman who clasped the heart of a married man resulting in the end of America’s then most adored Hollywood couple, she eluded a carefree stance which radiated a promising good time. Fast track ten years ahead and Angelina Jolie is hardly identifiable with the cold hearted, resilient woman that everybody once knew her as. Instead you have a woman whose life experiences and journey in to womanhood have melted away at that coldness and what you have left is a beautiful, kind woman who is using her position and power to make all kinds of positive changes in the world. Voted as the sexiest woman alive by countless international magazines and media outlets, just what is it about Angelina Jolie that appeals to so many men?

It could possibly be the fact that Angelina Jolie has been both types of women in her elaborate thirty nine years. The Angie from ten years ago was known for talking openly about her crazy sex life, carrying human blood in a vial around her neck, her hard, feisty, unapproachable attitude that so many men find exhilarating. To a much softer lady, who speaks graciously and lovingly about her family and is clearly so passionate about helping to end the cruelty in the world through her United Nations ambassador work. Women are also fascinated by Angelina, maybe even more so now since she has shown the world a softer side which has dimmed down the attributes that once intimidated women. Through her humanitarian work she has convinced people that she is worthy of praise and the title as the ideal woman.

Angelina Jolie regularly makes headlines when pictured out and about with her brood of six children; three of which she adopted from underdeveloped countries. Her affectionate, tending and protective nature towards her kids can also be considered another reason as to why men are enthralled by the woman who seemingly can do it all. Jolie plays the dutiful, responsible mother and wife role impeccably and men have always regarded a caring and kind woman at the top of their favourite qualities in a woman list.

Money. Men especially in this generation look for women who are financially stable, strong and able to help provide for their family. Angelina Jolie has worked hard and earned money from her talents since the tender age of six years. But her millions are as important to her as the fame. Another attractive quality is that though she is arguably one of the wealthiest actors of our time, you never see that the finer things in life or luxuries of the world pay much significance to her. She still remains to be grounded, even stating in several interviews how much she stresses the importance of not letting money control you to her six children.

Or alternatively, the reason why Angelina Jolie is the ideal woman for men around the world, may be because she is simply flawless. And lets face it men don’t really make a habit of looking at many other qualities beyond that.


8 thoughts on “Why Angelina Jolie is the ideal woman for men

  1. Nice post! I’d say she is more of a woman’s woman though. I’ve not heard any male friends say they aspire to have a woman like Angelina Jolie, but quite a few women that are inspired by her, to be more like her. Frankly I think most blokes would be scared of her!

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  2. Angelina Jolie is at the top of my list for inspirations. she is just one of the ideal women to look up to. the way she carrys herself just breaths this air of elegance. She’s very smart, so i’ll say its not all about the looks. beautiful post and thanks for the like 🙂

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  3. Thank you for the like. Now Angelina Jolie is she the ideal women for men, well for some men she may be, but whether this is for all or a majority that is not easy to say. Also what is ideal, is she absolute perfection, well again for some she may be. But perfection can mean many, as we all have our own perception of perfection. How deep is perfection, for we can only see the outer, would the inner still be so?

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  4. I love this article. She is my hero because she clearly knows who she is and lives her life accordingly. I particularly admire her admission that she has no female “girlfriends” and sees no need for them in her life. Bravo on a well written and thoughtful article about someone who is much deeper than a tabloid photo.

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