Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to my thoughts

Even jobs you love require heavenly days off where you can wake up when you want, have the luxury of doing what you want with absolutely nothing getting in your way, and what better season to have a full two weeks off from than the Christmas festive season!

On my first morning off from my usually busy routine, somewhere in between my second mug of tea that morning and a marathon of Harry Potter movies, I decided that I wanted to make my days off productive.

I have enjoyed writing from since I can remember and am lucky enough to have a job that allows me to put some of those passions in to practice and get paid for it. Though I am a long way away from where I want to be, I am happy that right now I have the opportunity to share my writing with others.

I contribute editorials to several magazines and websites so thought it would be wise to have a platform where I could bring all my work together and have my own place to publish my thoughts. So welcome to my blog and happy reading! xo

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my thoughts

  1. It’s called ‘Being Ahead of the 8-ball’ 🙂 Good for you.

    Other than 3 other fellow wordpress bloggers, whose writing I love, you are now added to that list. You’re writing to me is like sorbet on a sunny Sunday in the park, or a silk scarf that is like an ocean breeze on the skin. And your writing on love has so much purity. It is so ‘clean’.

    On a sidenote, and in the Spirit of Sharing, I thought your might appreciate a poem I had published on another site recently.

    It’s called: ‘Prayer of Thanks and Supplication for Healing’. Here is the link:

    Cheers, and have a wonderful Day to the PSofA
    ‘The Public Servant of Announcements’ 🙂


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